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tv   Speaker Pelosi - Bill Signing Photo Op  CSPAN  February 15, 2019 10:04am-10:40am EST

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10:00 eastern. it may be a few minutes late, at the white house. we'll take you there live when it gets under way here at c-span. tonight the midnight deadline, things came to a head yesterday about 3:00 in the afternoon on the floor of the senate with mitch mcconnell announcing after a phone call with president trump that indeed the president would sign the bill, but declare a national emergency. and the senate majority leader saying that he would support that measure. things happened fast after that. the senate approved the measure in the -- on the floor of the senate 83-16. it went over to the house and passed it there pretty overwhelmingly, 300-128 a little after 9:00 last night. as we mentioned the president set to sign it this morning at the white house. before that happens, last night after the house finished up its work, the speaker, speaker pelosi, signed the measure, she's tweeting this morning about the emergency resolution. this is from bloomberg, actually, video of the speaker saying that she may file a legal
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challenge to president trump's national emergency. . we'll hear what let's hear what speaker pelosi said on signing the bill. the speaker: oh, my gosh. beautiful site to behold. -- sight to behold. it's pretty exciting to do an enrollment of a bill that has passed the house of representatives and the senate nd now will go over to the senate to be signed by the vice president or his designee but it's my honor to sign it. in honor of our conferees. they did a spectacular job.
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and -- [applause] the speaker: chair of the appropriations committee, nita lowey. the chair of the homeland security subcommittee on appropriations, lucille roybal-allard. henry cuellar from texas. the rio grande valley. eet aguilar -- pete aguilar. barbara lee, leadership member of the conferees. david price. i want to make sure that -- david has had quite a day. he had to go to north carolina earlier today. he was a former top democrat on homeland security committee and very strong force for doing the right thing. steny and i are appropriators
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so we have confidence in the appropriators. as i said over and over, left to their own devices, working in a bipartisan way and a bicameral way, they can come up with a compromise that is acceptable and that is bipartisan, as i say, that we can all support. 300 votes on the floor of the house. it was quite a remarkable show. my own part want to say that i thank our conferees for having us honor our oath of office to protect our country by securing our border and protecting our values. and wherever we go from here will be for us all to honor the constitution, especially article 1, especially the system of checks and balances. we will not have an end run in the congress of the united states. ith that i will use the --
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[indiscernible] mr. clyburn. mr. cuellar. madam chair. leadership. member of the committee. do you want to say something? mr. hoyer: well, i'm very pleased at this point in time. we ought to remind ourselves, this is last year's work. and it didn't get it done. i want to congratulate the chair of the full committee and the chair of the subcommittee and the conferees for getting this work done. my objective will be -- and i talked to chairwoman lowey about this. my objective will be as majority leader to make every effort to get our appropriation
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bills done in a timely fashion that we do not confront again the threat of or the actual shutdown of the government of the united states. that is not a policy that ought to be repeated. we will certainly try not to do that. congratulations to the committee and to the conferees and very frankly to republican and democratic conferees. all stood on the floor and supported the passage of this knowing we needed to get our work done. the speaker: mr. clyburn. ben ray lujan. mr. clyburn: i associate myself with the comments from our leader and i want to add my congratulations to you, nita. thank you so much for this. y classmate. i am so proud those on the
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floor tonight. say how much i appreciate for the work we have given on this. this afternoon i spent a lot of time on the phone with a lot of people and as the leader said, i had a few telephone conversation it's with the minority whip, mr. scalise. and we were bargaining for 70 votes. came up with -- [indiscernible] so we thank them as well for making this a real genuine bipartisan effort. that's what the country wants from us. work together. get the work done and i want to thank these conferees for the work they did creating an atmosphere that we can get the people 80's work done. the speaker: thank you. ben ray lujan. mr. lujan: the effort of our conferees guided by our speaker
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and the work that was absolutely needed to ensure this gets done. as mr. clyburn and mr. hoyer clearly laid out, the bipartisan work to get everything done for the good of the country. also looking at important modern investments when it comes to border security but the work of the conferees also built upon the humanitarian responsibility we have to make a difference with these important critical infrastructure investments in the country. nita, lucille are the two chairs but the work of pete and henry and barbara, i can't say enough. the speaker: thank you. madam chair. mrs. lowey: well, i want to add what my colleagues said. at a time like this with blic, political discourse, i was so proud as chair of this committee working with outstanding conferees to be able to work in a bipartisan
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way and really accomplish our goal -- serve the people of the united states. we can hope that continue this tone because we have a lot of work to do as we complete this bill. we have to begin on 2020 where we have 12 new bills that we have to work on. and i really do hope that we can work together in a civil way, accomplish our goals and serve the people of the united states of america. that's the way this project should work. thank you. the speaker: thank you, madam chair, for sharing the joint, bicameral conference with such a distinguished and effective way. congresswoman roybal-allard. [applause] ms. roybal-allard: i think this is an example of how we can all
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come together and work as a team. and i was very, very fortunate to have conferees that were committed to making sure that this whole process was one in which we could be proud of. they were totally committed. we worked together and we had our focus to make sure that the security of our nation was a priority coupled with the fact that we made -- had to make sure that it also represented our american values. and we were able to do that in a bipartisan way, in a way that respected the differences of opinion, not only within our own democratic caucus but also our republican counterparts. and because we worked in this bipartisan way, respecting each other with the same focus of getting something done to make sure the government was not shut down but that our product was one we could all feel good about, this is the result and i
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can't say enough about the conferees. they were absolutely incredible. and in the end, when we reached as far as we could go, the four corners met and it was nita who hit that h.r. -- hit that home run. the speaker: before i yield to the distinguished member of the leadership, congresswoman barbara lee, i want to acknowledge congressman steve cohen of tennessee and congressman paul tonka from new york, thank you for helping in our efforts. congresswoman barbara lee. thank you for your leadership. ms. lee: thank you, speaker pelosi, for putting together such a great -- the speaker: i did. [laughter] ms. lee: and congratulations, chairwoman lowey, and to roybal-allard, for your leadership and your attention to all of the members of the democratic caucus and working in a bipartisan way.
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these leaders championed the views and the ideas and the input of our entire caucus. and so that is quite a testament, i think, to their leadership. but also to the diversity of our caucus and to the willingness to make sure that all of our voices were heard for the people. i just have to thank you, once again, and it was an honor to serve as leadership representative on this conference committee and say we have a lot more to do but we came a long way. and we did that because of how you worked clab are atively in a bipartisan way with all of our caucus to make sure that all of the views were championed and fought for. thank you. the speaker: mr. cuellar. mr. cuellar: thank you, madam speaker. madam speaker, thank you, again, for your leadership, for putting this very diverse and but very united conferee committee together and we want to thank you. of course, steny and mr. clyburn and the other folks that worked hard to make sure
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we all got over 300 votes today. strong bipartisan vote. you know, what we did in this committee was simple. it was a matter of how do you see the border. unfortunately, there are some people that see the border as a crisis, as a place that's out of control. for us that live on the border, that spend time on the border, we see it as an opportunity and community. a place where we see trade, where we see tourism, where we want to raise our families and send our kids to school and start our businesses. that's the two visions we saw certainly from the president and the opposite that we saw, from there we were able to put those visions together and find balance. we don't believe in open borders. we want to see smart border security. not a 14th century wall that the president believes in but we want to find the balance between security and legitimate
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trade and tourism and that's what the committee was able to do, by getting together we were able to find that balance and people asked me -- who wanted this? you know what, the american public on that one. thank you, madam speaker. the speaker: thank you. sorry. indiscernible] >> thank you, madam speaker, for putting together such a distinguished group and i was honored to learn from chair lowey and roybal-allard. it's a collaborative process. asking questions how we worked. we worked well together. we had each other's backs. mr. aguilar: we knew we were
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fighting for the values of the american people, honoring our values and ensuring that we avoided a shutdown. another senseless shutdown. so those were -- that was our north star moving through this process and i was honored to be on the team. thank you. the speaker: thank you. thank you, so much. well, as we also had six other bills and we were very proud of the work that the chairs of subcommittees did, many of them spoke on the floor joined the debate. it was a major accomplishment. six bills that dealt with other departments of government and then the one, most attention, homeland security. so thank you to all of you for protecting our borders, honoring our values, keeping government open and strengthening the institution in which we serve the congress of the united states. so thank all of you. happy valentine's day. we saluted our victory or the victory of the american people
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earlier with chocolate. chocolate from california. so, again, i wish you all a happy thanksgiving -- reporter: what are the chance of getting bipartisan bills as this bill had gone south? the speaker: you are always saying -- it didn't go south. [indiscernible] [laughter] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> house speaker pelosi and other democratic leaders last night after the house passed the border security measure and the government funding bill by a vote of 300-128. that was shortly after the senate had done the same thing there by a vote of 83-16. that measure include some $1.4 billion for new border barriers on the u.s.-mexico border in
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texas and also includes funding for the rest of the year for the remaining nine federal agencies. here on c-span we're waiting to take you live to the white house shortly where president trump will be signing the measure and declaring a national emergency on the border wall. we're expecting the president's comments very shortly here so we'll stay here live. "the washington post" reports this morning that the white house has identified roughly $8 billion that it believes can be used toward building walls and other barriers along the u.s.-mexico border. they write that the president is eyeing about $600 million from treasury department drug forfeiture fund and about $2.5 billion from department of defense drug interdiction program according to officials. we may hear more from the president on some specifics on additional funding for border barriers. here on c-span and on c-span radio, we'll stay here live and wait for the president's comments. we plan to let you know that
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we'll follow with your comments, your calls and reactions, and specifically your thought on the president on declaring a national emergency on the border. live coverage here on c-span.
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>> live here in the white house rose garden waiting to hear from president trump. expected to sign the border security and government funding bill and declare a national emergency on the border wall. the senate passed this measure yesterday afternoon by a vote of 83-16. and that was shortly after approving the nomination of william barr to be attorney general. kelly o'donnell of nbc reporting among the officials gathered in the rose garden this morning is the new attorney general, william barr.
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>> on c-span and c-span radio, waiting for the president shortly here in the rose garden, is expected to sign the measure passed by congress last night.
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the border security and government funding bill, which ould provide $1.4 billion in additional money for additional 55 miles of additional fencing and barriers on the texas-mexico border, and would also fund the rest of government through the remainder of the 2019 fiscal year. the president also expected to declare a national emergency on border security and as part of that, amber of the daily that covers saying angel moms are holding photos of their children. the president expected out any minute. the angels moms are the moms and the parents of people who have been killed by violence by illegal immigrants and the president has met with that group several times during the last couple years. so president trump out here shortly. live coverage continues on c-span.
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>> well, the president, guestctions, reporters having a mild day. the president is signing the measure, government funding, and declaring a national emergency on the u.s.-mexico border. the measure passed the house -- the senate yesterday afternoon. the house just after 9:00 last night. lindsey of "roll call" writes about that. passed with 19 democrats voting against the measure. she writes items excluded from the measure such as disaster relief and lost federal pay for contractors, couldn't work during the 35-day partial shutdown, also rattled some democrats. writing, the final vote may not reflect the gravity of those issues to democrats. most accepted the bill as a compromise but they still fell short of a significant marker. being able to adopt the measure without needing republicans. much of the republican conference supporting the
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measure as well. one of the members of the republican conference not happy about the president's declaration of a national emergency. justin amash of michigan tweeting this morning saying a national emergency declaration for a nonemergency is void. a prerequisite is that the situation requires immediate action and congress does not have an opportunity to act. president trump is attempting to circumvent our constitutional system. that's just one reaction from one member of the house. will get to more. will get your reaction as well after the president's comments.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the program will begin in two minutes.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. [applause] president trump: thank you very much, everybody. before we begin, i'd like to just say, we have a large


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